• Forget time registration.

Smart time tracking for lawyers in Office 365 through AI

Lawyers often struggle with accurate time registration of billable work to customers and cases, and have difficulty providing the transparent invoicing to fulfill customer expectations.

Lexor offers automatic time registration by tracking time spend and allocating it to the relevant case based on machine learning and AI technology. This eliminates time-consuming administration and provides insights in the return/profit down to an individual case level.

Lexor lets
the lawyer
be a lawyer

  • Eliminate the administrative burden of time registration
  • Acquire insights in case by case profitability
  • Assess workload of new cases based on historical data
  • Runs on Azure: the always-on, zero-risk and 100% secure cloud platform
  • Effortless tracking & allocation of activities for simple and transparent invoicing

    • Seamless integration with native Office 365 applications
    • Automatic, intuitive grouping of activities under the right header

    100% automatic matching of time spend to the right case and customer

  • Smart workload assessments for new business based on historical data

    • Simple and accurate quotes & offers
    • Optimize efforts for increased profitability

    Insights on profitability and factual estimates for future cases

  • Secure and reliable cloud solution with 100% customer ownership of sensitive data

    • Secure and containerized cloud environment on Azure
    • Admin has full control and can make exports any time

    Your data is yours.
    You are in control.

Lexor is a significant value add-on to existing Office 365 platforms. It provides out-of-the-box functionality without impact on the existing Office 365 architecture. Users will experience the benefits of Lexor right away, with no complicated installations or long learning curves. Just create an account, and start working.

Microsoft Cloud Productivity and Office 365 partners can easily add Lexor’s solution to their portfolio, providing more value to customers in the Legal profession, and unlocking attractive benefits in the process. Interested? Register for Lexor’s Partner Program now!

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